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Optiva will now be contributing a percentage of all profits to charities via Work For Good.

A Work for Good business

Coaching to help you live your optimal life – your way!

Optiva Coaching, Founded by Brian Canavan and based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, exists to help individuals all over the world optimise their lives to be more successful, less stressed, balanced and optimised.

I’ve worked with many diverse people including, entrepreneurs, business owners and senior execs in the USA, Asia, Australia, and of course the UK, and much of my work is done via on-line coaching for your convenience.

I apply a mixture of  life coaching, performance coaching, and where relevant business coaching to tailor a specific success plan for you (or your employees if you are in business) to ensure you get to where you want to be. this is backed up by ongoing coaching and accountability sessions to ensure you reach your goals.

I also have a highly flexible and effective group program for you to  Get Your Mojo Working Fast; to discover your true values and talents, develop a life plan and means to get there,  and help you build an optimally successful life around these.

Life Coaching

Imagine being able to get that big goal you’d love to achieve.  Or overcome an obstacle that you just haven’t been able to get past before.

Or maybe you want to build confidence for your next big career or life move?

I’ve helped many people just like you to do just that.

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Solopreneurs and Owner Managers

Having your own business doesn’t have to take over you life.  You can get back to having a successful business and a personal and social life too (without feeling guilty about being away from the coal face).

I help people just like you build a business you love around your personal talents (and those of your staff if you have them), and with balance for your personal life built in.

Ask me how.

Performance Coaching

We all know happy staff are more productive and even better decision makers.

Get the most from your teams in your business through understanding their natural talents and preferred methods of working.

As a Certified InnerMetrix Consultant and coach I can help you discover how to get the best from you and your staff.

Contact me directly if you are ready to get the most from your staff.